2 mid-century teak & leather chairs | Give your teak shower mat a sun bath | Old & gray is the new new

Are you into mid-century furniture?

How about teak and leather chairs?

Guess the price of this mid-century teak and leather chair.

mid-century teak and leather chair (2)

Courtesy www.Core77.com

This mid-century teak and leather chair was designed in 1949 in Copenhagen Denmark.

Now, you already know teak is among the most expensive of exotic hardwoods.

But throw in master designer, Niels Vodder…and the price goes up exponentially.

The price: $73,670

Have any old teak chairs in your attic?


Isn't it time you cleaned your teak shower mat?

I know it’s not on the top of your “honey do” list.

But, now that we’re not out and about as much as we would like, courtesy of Covid…

Might as well help your teak mat last as long as that mid-century chair above.

And who knows, maybe when it gets to be old as that chair…

Well, it still won’t be worth as much.

Nonetheless, both are made of quality teak, and both may outlive you—if you take care of it.

So before you forget…

One of the best things you can do for your mat is... walk it outside...

And give it quick scrub with soap and water and lay it out  in that hot summer sun for a few hours.

However... if your mat is developing mold and mildew because you’ve been, ahem, ignoring it…

Not to worry.

Everything you need to know about restoring your teak to its former glory is right here.

On the other hand…

A lot of teak aficionados like the old weathered look

Weathered teak bench and deckCourtesy www.livingetc.com

Personally, I think the bench and deck looks pretty cool.

It’s got that stately, comfy and venerable look.

And I’m sure beneath that silver patina—which can be removed—you’ll find solid, golden brown teak. As strong and sturdy as the day it was harvested.

So, if you ever run across some old gray teak "this or that" at a garage sale—grab it!

And either keep the look, or restore the teak to its just harvested look.

Whatever turns you on.


And our final mid-century price guess challenge…

How much do you think this set of 10 “cow horn” chairs sold for at auction?

Teak and cane "cow horn" chairs

Teak and cane "cow horn" chairs, set of 10

Made of teak with rosewood inlays in the chair back and a cane seat.

It, too, was manufactured in Copenhagen, Denmark, by master designer Johannes Hansen.

And the price for 10 of these cow horns is…


Ride ‘em cowboy!

Until the next time… stay teak strong!

Faithfully yours,


FYI: We just received another container full of shower mats. We were sold out for the past two months (yes, again).

So if you know anyone who's been waiting for them to come back in (after they saw one in your shower... but... why were these people in your shower?)

Or, maybe it was in your backyard. Drying after you finally got around to cleaning it (hint, hint).

Until the next time…

Teak forever!


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