Best Outdoor Chaise Lounges and Designer Beach Chairs

In last month’s Teakster, I showed you some of the most popular patio umbrellas on the market this year.

From giant ones with LED lights on the underside so you can enjoy the night, to more modest-size shaders (some also with LED lights).

From expensive umbrellas, to ones you can pick up for pocket-change (depending on how much you keep in your pocket or purse).

So what better way to keep enjoying the balmy outdoors than reclining on a comfy chaise lounge out by the pool… or on your patio.

Or, if you’re at the beach, we’ve got the latest in beach chair chic.

Heck, you don’t even have to be at the beach—these portable fold-ups can have you snoozing in your backyard.

Welcome to The Teakster’s best outdoor chaise lounge and designer beach chair review

But before I show you this year’s winners in the chaise-lounge category…

A few buying tips: 

  1. The first question you want to ask is: where am I gonna put it?

If it’s by your pool, and you want it to be cushioned… then the fabric needs to be all-weather and permeable so it’ll dry out quickly.

If it’s in your backyard or on your patio, and it’s going to get a lot of use year-round, you want a strong outdoor fabric.

One of the most durable, uv-resistant fabrics is made by Sunbrella, and I said the same when I wrote about patio umbrellas.

  1. Will your chaise lounge be a decorative statement… or is it just a let-the-kids-ruin-it and we’ll pick up something better next year?

High-quality, long-lasting outdoor furniture will either be made of teak, or if you want the wicker/rattan-look, then you'll want to consider “PE Rattan.”

PE stands for Polyethylene (PE) resin.

I discussed this in my previous post about Wicker and Rattan.

The benefit of PE is it won’t be damaged by rain or sun. Real rattan, on the other hand, will suffer weather damage.

  1. Does it need wheels?

Well, if you’re gonna constantly move it so you can get an even tan, then…yes!

You'll want wheels. Unless, you don’t care if you ruin its bottom, or scratch up the deck, or get a hernia (if it’s heavy).

On the other hand, if you’re putting it on a roof-top terrace, or any place where you don’t want it rolling around—then choose no-wheels.

  1. Do you want an adjustable backrest?

Only if you like to lie down on your back, or stomach, and catch a snooze after sitting up and reading a book or The Teakster on your phone.

P.S. When you click some of the links below to buy a chaise lounge or beach chair we may receive a teenie-weenie affiliate commission.

Chaise Lounges

The Lodi Sun Lounger with Headrest

 Lodi Sun Lounger

 Lodi Sun Lounger

A great addition to any pool deck or backyard. I like the gently arching teak, I said teak, frame and adjustable backrest.

And the faux rattan and wicker webbing gives it a breezy tropical air.

But you’re gonna need a couple of plush towels, or comfy cushions, if you're lying down on it wearing just a bathing suit (or nothing at all).

Buy it at

Price: $849


The Kinney Teak Chaise Lounger

Kinney teak chaise lounge 

I like the modern design, edgy shape, and that it uses teak, of course.

The cushions look real comfy, but I wonder if you can say the same about the rigid upright backrest.

And I don’t understand the choice of two black powder-coated steel front legs. But, each to his/her own. 

Buy it at Crate and Barrel

Price: $1,300


The Beppi Ivory Sunbrella Sun Lounger

Sunbrella lounger 

Sunbrella lounger 

You want wheels? You got wheels, rubber-rimmed.

You want a durable Sunbrella-like fabric? You got Sunbrella fabric.

You want an adjustable backrest? You got an adjustable backrest.

You want a minimalist, modern and classical design—hey, you got it!

Buy it at

Price: $899


Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Del Mar Pool Chaise

 MGBW Chaise MGBW Chaise

There’s something serene and timeless about this lounger.

Its frame is made of weathered (gray-patina) teak (oh, yeah!).

And the cushion and headrest completes the sleek, modern almost aerodynamic look.

Buy it at

Price: $2,127


Room & Board Soleil Chaise Lounge Chair


Room & Board lounger

 Room & Board lounger


It looks like a cross between a lounger and the iconic Herman Miller office chair.

Made entirely of black powder-covered steel, including the mesh sitting area.

You'll probably need a particular body-type to fit comfortably atop it.

Then again, it was probably designed to comfortably accommodate most any human shape and size.

Buy it at Room & Board

Price: $699


Four Hands Outdoor Double Chaise

 Double chaise

double chaiseRoom for two—I like it! Even though it doesn’t have an adjustable backrest.

But I like the stylish teak slat design, of course, and the bronze-colored aluminum frame.

The cushion fabric is Olefin, similar to Sunbrella, so it’s durable.

Buy it at Neiman Marcus

Price: $3,385


The Rio Beach Folding Lounger

Rio Beach lounger 

A retro lounger for those wanting to remember their childhood at the beach with their parents.

But with a nod to modern times, it folds up into a backpack, with an amenities pouch behind the backrest.

Buy it on Amazon

Price: $89


Stepin Blow-Up Beach Lounger

 Inflatable lounger

Okay, this one is for the kids, I think.

It claims to support up to 600 lbs!

And it’s got a unique and effortless self-inflating technology—no pumps, no batteries needed.

The sun shade is a nice touch, and it comes with a carry pouch.

Buy it on Amazon

Price: $39


Beach & Deck Chairs 

Børge Mogensen Deck Chair


Deck chair deck chairs

This deck chair design has a noteworthy pedigree.

Celebrated Danish furniture designer Børge Mogensen originally created this deck chair for his private use at his home.

The frame is all teak, of course.

All the cushions are made of Sunbrella fabric, of course.

And it folds flat, so it tucks away easily.

Buy it at the Danish Design Store

Price: $1,025


The Teak & Gingham Beach Chair

 deck chair

deck chair

The classic. This is the design that will never go out of style. 

The backrest adjusts to six positions. There’s a cushion headrest. And the frame is solid teak, of course.

There’s a large zippered storage pouch behind the backrest and backpack straps to carry the chair effortlessly from your car to the beach.

Buy it at Serena & Lily

Price: $298


Arlmont Folding Beach Canopy Chair

Canopy beach chair 

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this beach chair was Gordon MacRae singing “The surrey with the fringe on top” from the 1955 movie “Oklahoma!”

No, I’m not dating myself. I can remember “Gone with the Wind,” too! And that came out in 1939 (and lost the best picture Oscar to “The Wizard of Oz.”)

Ok, back to this beach chair… It’s foldable, portable, comes with a carry bag, and supports weight up to 265 lbs.

The adjustable armrests have a cupholder on each arm. And it’s obviously got a fringed canopy to shade you from the sun.

Buy it on Wayfair

Price: $131.99


BryLane Camp Chair with Canopy Shade

canopy beach chairHere we’re taking canopy shades, and privacy, to another level.

This beach chair actually reminds me of a Conestoga wagon. Nevertheless, it effectively shields you from prying eyes.

It’s got zippered side windows to let the breeze in when you’re baking at the beach.

And there's a cup holder (but only one) in one of the adjustable armrests

It's got a storage pouch hanging down from the front seat (admittedly an odd place to put one). And it supports weight up to 350 lbs.

Buy it on Amazon

Price: $73


Oniva Sports Chair

sports chair 

No canopy. But, boy, does this foldable chair have storage pouches! 6 of them of varying sizes, with one that’s insulated for beverages.

Plus, it has an attached collapsible side table for…well, whatever!

It’s a veritable Swiss Army Knife of beach chairs.

However, it’s not backpackable, but it does have an over-the-shoulder carrying strap. Supports weight up to 300 lbs.

You can choose from 7 colors and patterns.

Buy it on Amazon

Price: $78 to $144


Kamp-Right Beach High Chair

beach high chair

Similar to the foldable Oniva chair above. But with 2 distinct differences.

It’ll sit you higher off the ground (seat height: 26 inches), for those of us that don’t like to struggle to stand up after we’ve had a few.

Which brings me to this: instead of a bevy of pouches hanging from an armrest…it’s got an attached 12-pack cooler!

And the side table has an imbedded cup/can holder. Supports weight to 325 lbs.

Buy it at Target

Price: $58.99


Geniqua Zero Gravity Lounge Chair 

 beach lounge chair

Oh yeah, these look comfy—and you get 2! Yup, it’s a 2-pack!

Both the backrest and footrest are adjustable. You can sit up-right or lie flat, or anywhere in-between.

The cushion headrest is a nice touch, as is the attachable side tray, which sports 2 cup holders, and 2 slots, one for your phone and one for a tablet, or whatever else that fits.

Comes in various colors and supports weight up to 330 lbs.

Buy it at Walmart

Price: $98.95


Sport-Brella Portable Recliner Chair

portable recliner 

 portable recliner

This chair-recliner would put a smile on Inspector Gadget’s face.

It’s a 3-position recliner, plus footrest.

Comes with an attachable 3-position umbrella, has storage pockets, one that’s insulated and can hold up to 4 drinks, a cup holder—and a bottle opener!

Supports weight up to 250 lbs.

Buy it at Target

Price: $59.99


Well, that’s all for this month. Hope you found one or two things you like.

‘Till next month—stay teak strong!

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