We’re not selling these…but you may want to buy one!

As if I haven’t said it enough: teak is waterproof.

That’s why ancient ship builders built their boats from teak—not oak, not acacia, not bamboo, etc., etc.

Even today, ask any master carpenter what’s the most waterproof, durable, and beautiful wood on the planet—and the answer will typically be: teak.

Ok, now that we've settled that…

In last month’s post there's a picture that really struck a chord with readers.

It was one of those “who woulda thunk” moments.

I’m talking about that teak bathtub

However, these exotic bathtubs don’t only come in teak.

Today, any wood can be made waterproof and pretty much rock hard by applying a polymer or resin coating of some sort.

Therefore, no matter the wood used these bathtubs are not cheap.

They can cost, at the high end, tens of thousands of dollars!

They are though unique, beautiful and undoubtedly luxurious.

A far cry from your run-of-the-mill thermoformed acrylic, porcelain enameled steel, fiberglass-reinforced polyester or cast-iron bathtub currently in your home.

They’re literally works of art, or at least examples of magnificent craftsmanship.

So, if you can afford one, and you’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom…

Check these out:

This oval freestanding tub from Italian design company Boxart is deep and all teak.

It kinda reminds me of those bathtubs in cowboy westerns where you gotta pour your own hot water into it.

teak bathtub 


Next up...

An all-teak European-style bathtub that kinda looks like a baby’s cradle. And from the looks of it you could probably fall asleep in it. It’s offered by Bath in Wood of Maine

Cradle bathtub


Here’s another all teak tub. And for some reason it reminds me of my great grandmother’s wash tub—maybe it’s those handgrip cutouts. It’s offered by Wildwater

Washtub bathtub 


 Now I really love the punch bowl as a bathtub look. And the bigger the better.

 punchbowl bathtub

This one is offered by WS Bath Collections, and you can have it custom designed in any number of woods, including larch, beach, mahogany, cedar, walnut, cherry, wenge, and of course, teak.

I like this bathtub of theirs, too.

punchbowl bathtub 



If you’re into high gloss finishes, check out this boat, er, bathtub,

offered by NK Woodworking.

 High gloss bathtub

Personally, I prefer their soup bowl made of walnut.

 Girl in tub

(No, little miss sleeping beauty is not included):


Oh, yeah, I like this one, too. It makes you want to slip right in and stay a while. It's offered by Alegna.

slip and slide tub

 slip and slide tub


I can see Venus stepping out of this clamshell tub, offered by Italian firm Bagnosasso.

 clamshell tub 

Ok, it’s a bit of a stretch. Nevertheless, Botticelli’s Birth of Venus immediately came to mind when I first saw it. Can you relate?

 Birth of Venus



If you’re into Japanese-style soaking tubs, check out these two.

Japanese-style soaking tub 

The one above is offered by Furo and is made from Japanese Cyprus.

And the one below is a traditional ofuro soaking tub offered by Japanese master carpenter Hiroshi Sakaguchi.


Soaking tub 


Have you noticed I didn’t include the prices for these bathtubs? Sure you did.

Well, it's because these companies didn’t publish their prices on their websites.


Because they want you to call them. So they'll have the chance to sell you on one of these beauties before they floor you with the price.

On the other hand, they're assuming you don’t need to ask.

Because you can afford whatever you want, no matter the price.

So, if you actually go out and buy one…

Send us a picture and we’ll publish it in The Teakster—and you’ll be famous (or your bathtub will be).

Until next month…happy soaking!


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